Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back to the Epic Yard Sale

Since I actually cleaned out my car last weekend, I thought now would be a good time to post the rest of my finds at that epic mid-century modern/atomic yard sale.

I grabbed this pink album case for $2 right when I was about to leave. It was probably the thing I was most excited about, but my roommate didn't have any clue what it was. I don't have a ton of records, but at least now I can get them out of that old milk crate :)

This is the nifty melamine ashtray that I mentioned before. It probably isn't worth the $2 I paid for it, but I like the look of it.

I see these Trick of Treat blow molds all the time online, and I see them selling for $12+ plus shipping online. I paid $3, but when I was taking it out my car, I saw that someone sold it at a yard sale for 75 cents and my seller paid 59 cents for it at Goodwill. I don't care that he made some money on it, and since I have a ton of real black cats, this one is staying here.

Blue Heaven! I bought this for $3 before I found the other bowls and pieces the next day at his sale. I now have this cake plate, a bunch of berry bowls, and a bunch of coup bowls, and my roommate has the matching juice glasses. I hope I can find more!

Speaking of the roommate, this is his awesome bullet lamp that he got for $3. The funny thing is that he has so many lamps that I'm actually using one of his in my room and that was before he bought two at this sale. The seller warned him that it needs to be rewired so it's currently sitting in the garage on top of the MCM desk that I got for free at a sale last year. 

I don't necessarily collect ET stuff but I don't leave it behind either. It was the first movie I saw in the theater, and it created a special bond between me and my dad. He bought me the very expensive limited edition boxed set of the movie with the book and soundtrack a few years ago, and I bought a lot of stuff when they rereleased the film. I also have the card game that came out around the same time thanks to a gift from the ex.

If ET is me and my dad's thing, Holly Hobbie is me and my mom's thing. She bought me the Holly Hobbie doll cradle when I was a kid. I used the hell out of that thing, and I still have it. This game was only 50 cents, and the ET game was a buck.

I love this pattern! And unlike a lot of the pieces that I buy, I don't mind sticking these in the cabinet for every day use. They look a little like the pieces that Target sells in the summer, but these are Texas Ware melamine dishes probably from the 60s. I got four plates for 50 cents each.

I'm obsessed with the confetti ware look, but I can't really afford the prices found around here on the bowls. For $1, I'll settle for this ashtray.

I've been looking for one of these sets for so long that I grabbed this without really looking at it. Once I got home, I realized that it's probably missing something from the top and it looks like the salt and pepper shakers don't match. The salt is solid without any lettering like the pepper has. This set was only $3 though and the only other set I've seen was $15 plus tax.

This was probably my favorite find of the entire sale. It's a blow mold bank! It was sitting right next to the guy's table with a $1 price tag on it. I decided to throw it in my stash, and he told me to just take it. Here's the bottom:

It's marked A.J. Renzi Corp. out of Massachusetts. This site has some great information on the company and the blow molds they made. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for the black and orange cats and the My Little Pony blow molds!

This was one of the best yard sales I've been to in my entire life. He had so much more stuff that I've seriously thought about getting in touch with him to ask about picking his garage again :)

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