Friday, August 8, 2014

Flea Market Finds!

I posted the other day that I went to the flea market where my parents have a booth last weekend. They actually have two, and it's funny because I found some of my stuff there that I left at their house when I moved out the last time. Not sure anyone wants to buy my old Fear Street book, my NASCAR pint glass, or the textbook from grad school, but go for it.

I haven't been there in a few years, but it's a pretty nice flea market. There's a guy selling vintage posters and movie memorabilia, and if he still has it the next time I swing by, that Giant lobby card is coming home with me! What can I say? I'm a gal who loves her James Dean.

There were a number of dealers selling new stuff, especially food and pet stuff. I managed to get a few bags of in-date dog treats for my hound and some new toys for her too. She had a bad habit of ripping apart dog toys in a fast period of time, but these have lasted her nearly a week. I also got for me:

I know these noodles are so bad for me, but they're the perfect thing when I was something fast and yummy. Plus at 69 cents a box, it's cheaper than the store. The summer sausage was 2 for $5. I like to keep it sliced up in the fridge with a bag of sharp cheddar next to it for snacks.

One of the sellers had a bunch of toys, and I managed to find a few vintage goodies.

The top picture is one of the Rainbow Brite Sprites. She had all of the larger ones for $3 each. I couldn't even get shipping for that price online! I only bought one, but I'll have to get the rest if she still has them next time. The bottom is the Rainbow Brite Puppy. Puppy Brite was $4, but it was one I didn't have but desperately wanted as a kid.

The vendors at this flea market clearly got the memo about Pyrex. I picked up a medium size bowl in an ugly pattern, saw the $10 price tag, and quickly put it back down. The cheapest mixing bowl set I saw was $35, and that seemed to be the going rate. Most of what I saw was ugly and boring patterns from the 1980s. I did find a couple of gems though.

I believe the top one is Colonial Mist. It's the medium sized casserole dish, and it was $3. The seller marked it as "miscellaneous kitchenware" on the tag. The bottom one is the Desert Dawn pie plate. It's the first piece of Desert Dawn I've ever found! It was from the same booth and had "old pie plate" on the tag. She had it marked $3 too. I really need to find a list of all the Vision Ware pieces made because the seller had tons of it for $5 or less. I started out buying the brown pieces after seeing a set at a yard sale for $150. Yes, $150. Then I started buying the purple and cranberry pieces too, but I have no clue if I have a full set or not.

It's an interesting flea market, but I'm not sure I would visit very often even if I lived there. The new stuff is abundant, and the old stuff is priced on par with my local antique mall. I need to go over once a month to stock up on dog toys, cat treats, and noodles and to check out all the cheap food LOL.

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