Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Few Random Flea Market Finds

My old college roommate came for a visit last weekend, and since she's not a vintage lover, we didn't get the chance to go out and do any shopping. Well, we did swing by a Goodwill to rent a carpet shampooer and I did grab a Pyrex dish, but it was such a bad, bad, bad experience that I think I might share what happened for a later post. Instead, I'll post about some quick flea market finds I snagged at the I-23 Flea Market a few weeks ago.

Though I absolutely despise onions, I love French onion soup. The only problem is that I like it the real way, where you cook the onions down for hours and bake the soup in the oven with cheese and croutons. I found two of these Capri Bake 'n Store dishes for $1 each from a dealer going out of business. The funny thing is that I almost bought a set of small bean pots (not vintage) at another flea market a few weeks later because I forgot I bought these. I can't believe I'm the only one who does that LOL.

These two Fire King dishes came from another inside dealer. It was two women who had so much crap laying around that I almost walked right by. One charged me $1 for the largest and then threw in the smaller one. Sadly, when I was trying to organize all my Pyrex and bakeware last week, I discovered a big chip in the largest casserole. I don't think it was there when I bought it, so I probably did it myself.

This is quite possibly the worst picture ever taken of my front porch. The shelf is probably as close as I'll ever get to a rolling cart. The prices around here for one are just out of control. That one came from a thrift store like two years ago. My ex and I picked it up for $2 and went to pay. While standing in front of the cashier, he pulled the tag off and handed it to her to make things easier. If he didn't hand her the tag, he would have had to do some crazy gymnastics to get the edge to her (the aisles are super small). Even though she saw him do it, she flipped out and lectured us on how you never, ever take off the tags and how she's not even supposed to sell it to us now. She even called over a manager to tell us the same damn thing. Since it was the only thing I planned to buy, I offered to just put it back and leave. Suddenly, it was okay and they let us buy it.

The stepladder came from the aforementioned I-23 Flea Market. I have another older Cosco stool that I got years ago sitting in my dining room. The dealer charged me $5 for this one, and it luckily fit in the trunk of my dad's car. I have big plans to restore it, but I had big plans for the other one too and never got around to it. Sadly, my other one is that cool red color, but whoever owned it tried to paint it brown for some reason, and I'm not sure what to do.

I know newer Pyrex isn't that exciting, but this dish was only $2. We can always use more casserole dishes and faux mixing bowls, but this one ended up becoming a water dish for my cats. Hey, they have a vintage Pyrex casserole with stand as their food dish, so why not a water dish? LOL

Funny story about the donkey. I was literally just saying in the car that I kept seeing vintage donkey planters online and really wanted one. An hour later, I came across this little guy at the flea market. He came from the same dealer who had the Pyrex, and he also cost $2. He's currently on the coffee table holding our remotes and some other miscellaneous items.

A few years ago at a completely different other sale, my dad picked up one of those vintage donkey figurines with saddlebags as the salt and pepper shakers. I wanted it, and he wanted a Coca-Cola tray I found cheap, so we traded. He then fell in love with my planter and keeps talking about it, so I either need to find him one for Christmas or give him one of mine. Decisions, decisions.

Sadly, the same dealer had a collection of holiday blow molds. They were newer ones, but he was selling them 2 for $20, and he had some adorable Christmas ones. My dad's trunk is big but not that big, so they had to stay behind.

Hopefully the rain finally passes through southwestern Ohio this weekend so I can hit some yard sales and maybe do a flea market. If so, you can bet I'll be back to post some recent finds!

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