Monday, February 23, 2015

Eeh Gads!

I absolutely cannot believe how long it's been since I posted! Everything has been so dry around here lately that it's hard to find goof stuff. Some of my local thrifts even started marking up Fire King to the point where it's now just as expensive as Pyrex! While going through my uploads, I found some pictures I hadn't yet posted, so I thought I would share.

I have a weird fascination with Herman Miller fish. My mom had a set of the pink fish with the bubbles in our bathroom for years but has no idea what happened to them. These guys were $1.99 a piece and have some minor damage, but I love them so much that they now hang in my bathroom.

This is actually the set of Pyrex that we had in my house growing up. My mom still uses the largest Cinderella bowl for her dogs' water. I recently pulled some of my better pieces out of rotation from fear that one would get broke, so this one went right in the cabinet.
I really don't know when McDonald's released these glasses, but I found a couple in a super tiny thrift store. Two came home with me, and two went to my dad's flea market booth. I like the colors and the retro designs.

Despite grand plans to make a few ornament wreaths this year, that didn't happen. I paid a buck for this box and put it with some others for next year. I have some fond memories of shopping there with my grandma when I was a kid.

I paid $3 for all three of these bowls from the same tiny thrift I found the McDonald's glasses. They already went into rotation as chili/vegetable soup/chicken pot pie soup this winter.

I have a tendency to never leave behind any Spice of Life canisters. The medium one was $.99 and the largest was $1.99 at that same itty bitty thrift store. My closest thrift recently had a few priced at $6.99 each! I recently found a set with the wheat pattern at a flea market. Though my roommate hates the pattern and I really don't need any more canisters, I have a feeling that I'll go back.

I have a bunch of other stuff I bought and haven't yet uploaded. Hopefully I can get around to doing that and updating the blog more :)

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