Thursday, September 11, 2014

Not So Recent Finds

I can't believe I let so much time go by without updating! I sadly haven't found anything of note lately. We had out of town guests staying with us two weeks in a row. One was my former roommate, who has no interest in vintage or collectibles. The other was a friend who loves vintage stuff, but even after hitting an antique mall and two different thrift stores, we came home with nothing. Since I can't post about recent finds, I thought I would post some finds I found earlier that I haven't yet posted about.

We hit up a citywide yard sale this summer that is pretty much hit or miss for me. I'll find some amazing stuff one year and then go years without finding anything. The first sale we stopped at yielding this Pyrex coffee pot in super good shape for $1. I already have a couple of these that are in pretty bad shape and missing the bottom piece. This one had some candle wax stuck in it, but one trip to the freezer and it came clean.


The same sale also had this little baby for another $1. It doesn't have any markings on it, so I have no clue who made it or even how old it is. I'm guessing it's probably from the 60s. As an added bonus, it was free of wax!

I have a Master's in Historic Preservation and have a lot of respect for the Ohio Historical Society, so this was a no brainer for me, especially for 50 cents. My great-aunt actually lives in Columbus and does volunteer work for the OHS. When she heard about this, she got super excited, so this is probably going to her next weekend.

This was my bad buy/maybe okay buy. The same couple had the other stuff I listed up top, but they also had some more expensive stuff. I guess they own or owned an antique booth. It was really random too. They had a few $1 tables and a bunch of pennants priced between $10-20 each, but mine was 50 cents. I thought the price on this said $2.50, which I thought was super cheap. Turns out it was priced at $7.50 and me being a wimp, didn't want to say anything so I just bought it. I've seen the same tins priced at $20 and up, so I guess it was an okay price. Still way more than I wanted to spend though.

I also got this for $1. Two years ago, my roommate went through a phase where he wanted our house decorated for the holidays. Instead of just putting up my pink Disney Princesses tree like I usually do (LOL), he bought a ton of old candles and put them all around our house plus a bunch of other stuff. We technically didn't need this, but I'm hoping to put out a display of vintage Christmas boxes this year.

This was my "I'm so desperate, I have to buy it" stage of the community yard sale. It came from a sale full of baby items and newer items, and it was the only thing vintage. I don't college Glasbake, but for 50 cents, I'm sure I can figure out something to do with it.

All three of these came from the same "rummage/charity sale." It was at a real estate agency, but all the proceeds went to charity. They had tables covering the front yard and all along the sidewalk. The roommate picked up the waffle maker, and I grabbed the Pyrex. We asked the lady in charge how much, she said to pay what we wanted, I grabbed the little stack of bowls and gave her a $5. This led to her sighing quite loudly and generally just acting like a witch.

This is one of my greatest pet peeves at sales. If you're not happy with what I offer, then tell me what you want, or better yet, price your damn stuff. Another woman working the sale was whining and moaning because some guy offered her $10 for a chair in the yard. This thing was in such bad shape that she's lucky anyone wanted it. The guy said he wanted to reupholster it, which we all know isn't cheap, and she just gave him a look and rolled her eyes. I seriously almost dropped my stuff and left at that point.

I'm hoping to maybe, possibly hit up a flea market this weekend before the season dies down, but it depends on the rain that keeps threatening to pop up. Hopefully I'll find some new treasures soon!

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