Sunday, June 14, 2015

Community Yard Sales

This weekend marked one of the biggest community yard sale events in my area, but with the rain pouring down on Friday night, no one knew if it would actually happen. Woke up Saturday morning to a few clouds, but those clouds gave way to temperatures in the 90s and sunshine the rest of the day. My and my boyfriend's brand new matching sunburns prove it!

We went out with my dad and managed to find some good stuff. The boyfriend snagged two brand new looking pairs of jeans for 50 cents, a video game that came out a few months ago for $8, and some other random stuff. We also found eight dog toys for 25 cents each, cat treats for 50 cents each, and other stuff we actually needed.

I did have a few complaints though. First of all, we came across a lot (a lot) of yard sales where people were selling toilet paper, canned goods, bread, and other stuff from local food pantries. My dad said that people set up at one of the flea markets where he goes every weekend to sell the same stuff. It just seems to me like that's taking from people who actually need it.

My other complaint was from an eBay sale. Everything in the "yard sale" was price according to eBay prices. The wife of the couple was actually on her smartphone and looking at prices while pricing new stuff they put out. They had a used chainsaw that someone priced at $179 on eBay brand new, and they were literally putting the same price on it. They also had a Huffy bike the boyfriend loved that they wanted $200 for. He checked on his phone and found it going for half that currently online. Oh, and a not-at-all-vintage Coca-Cola table and chairs from the 1990s that they priced at $240 with a note that it was vintage from the 50s. Sure. Now that I've finished my whining, let's just get to the good stuff!
Some of my pictures are slanted, so I apologize. I've loved Eyeore since I was a kid, so this mug for $1 was a no brainer. I think it's funny to see expensive stuff from the Disney Store show up at sales. The little Snoopy was actually a kids' meal toy from Wendy's when I worked there in 98-99. It was a quarter for my Snoopy loving boyfriend.

I had this exact same caterpillar when I was a kid. The lady running the sale gave her to me for 50 cents and asked if I wanted the similar orange one. The orange one belonged to her son, and her daughter had the pink one. It's worth noting that the orange caterpillar was in near mint condition, while this one definitely shows some love.

This was a boyfriend buy for $1 or something. He bought a glass, an ashtray, and something else from one of those donation sales that I hate. Even their bake sale was donation only, which left me wondering how much to pay for two itty bitty brownie slices and a rice krispie treat.

This came from one of those I-don't-want-to-get-out-of-the-car-sales. It was five tables of kids clothes with some toys underneath. My dad wanted to ask about a car they had up for sale. Knowing my love of owls, the boyfriend got this for me for a dollar and the seller threw in a light up pumpkin. This is actually a Hallmark product with its $14.95 tag still attached. It sings and dances and still works!

Who can pass up a vintage ice crusher for 50 cents? It actually has a dial on the front that lets you turn it to change the size of the cubes. We also got a barely used cat condo for $5 from the same sale that our cats refuse to get in but like standing on top of to watch television. I also got this fantastic vintage looking popcorn popper for $5 that I forgot to photograph. I nearly paid $100+ for one last year, so it was a great steal. We even used it last night while watching The Duff.

I love The Muppets, have since I was a kid, and got this same set when I was younger. Unfortunately, each one in my original set is missing hats or something. I know we bought a few of these in the past, but I won't complain about spending $1.50 for another set LOL.

The boyfriend grabbed the Peanuts books from a sale where all books were 25 cents. He then decided to just get a few other vintage books. The seller was so excited to sell some books that she only charged him 50 cents for all of them.

Who could pass up Pound Puppies and one Pound Kitty? These were the kids' meal toys from when I was a kid. We paid 25 cents a piece for each one plus the Snoopy.

This is the pumpkin that the seller threw in for free with the Halloween owl. I think he looks pretty sinister sitting on the top of the car!

I thought this was super cute but probably overpaid for it. It had Pete's Dragon and a few other Disney books in it. Each one comes with a record so you can read along with the books. The seller said it was hers when she was a kid but her husband had the same one so they decided to get rid of one. When I got it home though, it's mainly random stories, missing The Pokie Little Puppy shown on the front, and is probably not worth the $5 I paid considering that I find these book/record sets individually pretty cheap.

This will probably be a purchase I end up regretting. I love Halloween and $3 really isn't too bad, but I have so much Halloween stuff that this will probably end up in a box somewhere.

One of my only Pyrex purchases of the day! The boyfriend spotted it way before me. Not only is it my favorite pattern, but it was only $1. The seller and I then had fun talking about vintage Pyrex, Corningware, and Vision Ware.

My other Pyrex find came from a sale filled with guy stuff, lots of oil cans, car parts, and hats. It does have some marks on the front that I haven't tried to get off yet, but it was only $1. I came thisclose to buying both jars from a thrift store that thinks it's an antique mall for $10 each last summer, so I'm glad I found this one!

We already have this one, but couldn't pass up another one for 50 cents. The boyfriend and I both love tiki stuff, but the roommate is not a fan.

The other big find of the day was this working vacuum sealer with a nearly brand new roll of bags for a buck. I was so obsessed with these when I was a kid that I would actually watch the infomercial over and over again. It was kind of nice to find one so cheap that I can play with without making a real investment.

Believe it or not, this isn't everything I bought this weekend. The roommate and I found one of those get in the car before they catch us sales on Friday. I got the mother load of blow molds for an amazing price. I'll post pictures as soon as we get his car cleaned out...


  1. This "Ebay pricing" really gets me mad. I can put a can of soup on Ebay, and ask $100 for it, that doesn't mean someone is going to pay that! Plus, if I wanted to buy something off Ebay I would! Instead I have driven around, with my garage sale money, looking for deals.

    Happy you found some things you like!

  2. Yup, there's a thrift store near me that prices older/vintage stuff according to eBay prices, but they really just find the highest price and print that out. They don't think about whether it will ever actually sell!