Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cute Finds from the Urbana Flea Market

I never mentioned this on my blog before, but my mother passed away back in March. She and my dad ran their own flea market booth for over a decade, she hit the World's Longest Sale with us last year, and helped my dad run a booth in Richmond. I've been spending a lot of time with him this summer, hitting flea markets and doing yard sales. It keeps us busy and distracted, which is always a good thing. We stopped by the Urbana Flea Market & Antique Show last month, and I never got around to posting my finds.

One of the first things I got were these Holly Hobbie glasses. My mom bought me the Holly Hobbie cradle when I was a kid, and I used the heck out of that thing! Two of these are Christmas glasses, one is a regular glass, and all three are Coca-Cola. The vendor had $1 each on them, let me have all three for two, and honestly seemed surprised anyone bought them!

A vendor had a ton (TON!!!) of vintage Tupperware in her booth, but her prices were a little cray-cray. I see so much of the brown/gold/green that I love so much at thrift stores and yard sales that there was no way I was paying $10+ for an individual piece. Another vendor had this one for 75 cents. I think I'll probably use it to keep water on hand when I'm working...

This little guy was so adorable that I couldn't leave him behind, especially not for $2. He'll probably become my new pen cup since I seem to have a black thumb this year. I saw the exact same one at another booth later in the day for $12, so I think I got a good deal LOL

I have no kids, but I do, however, have a vintage rocking duck for the kids I may one day have. We're thinking of putting a bag in the bottom and using it to store our dog's toys. She has so many toys, and I keep tripping over them all the time, so this might work out nicely.

This is my first ever large blow mold purchase. I only paid $2!!! Santa is missing a piece of the sled that fits on the bottom, and the reindeer is missing his/her horns. Once the snow falls, you can't tell that the sled is missing anything, and I'm planning on putting a Santa hat on the reindeer so the other reindeer in town won't pick on him.

This is me cheating a bit because this didn't come from the flea market. It actually came from this locally owned store called Game Swap. They buy and sell movies, games, music, and nine billion other things. While on a hunt for Pop Vinyl figures, I found this vintage Cabbage Patch Kids metal lunchbox. It doesn't have a thermos, but for $3.99, I'm not complaining!

We actually went back to the same flea market this month, but I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of our finds just quite yet. I also grabbed some stuff at a thrift store while heading home from a family reunion in Michigan AND still need to post pictures of all my blow mold finds from a few weeks ago, so look forward to some upcoming posts!

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